Jonathan Chan and Tan Jing Min

Leaders of the Trinity Annual Conference, Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference, and Chinese Annual Conference of the Singapore Methodist Church in 2016. Image taken from Salt&Light.

As young Singaporean Christians immersed in social media and educated in the United Kingdom, we were involved in conversations around systemic racism in the Western world after the murder of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement made evident the systemic injustices that Black people face on a daily basis in the United States. Terms like ‘brownface’ and ‘Chinese privilege’, as well as anecdotes of racial discrimination, resurfaced in social media discourse and were discussed with gusto or dismissed entirely. There is no doubt that…

I begin with this premise: we do not eat to live. Food is not a vector of survival; it is more akin to art. It is poetry, beauty romance, love: what we stay alive for. And the thing I love about art is how one form somersaults into another; how appreciation for one beauty so readily translates into something else. An aroma into inspiration. Texture into emotion. From dinner plate, to written word.


My generation is an anxious one. So was I, this particular Friday. In this headspace everything becomes a worry: the near future. The far future. Jobs…

Tan Jing Min

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